We played five-card-stud after dinner last night while watching Monday Night Football. We used poker chips and everything. My life has become All. Things. Boy.  Skateboard parks, baseball games, basketball games… these were things that Brenn and Blake did together while Brooke and I were usually out doing All. Things. Girl.

The boy things are fun. They are active and provide a welcome distraction from our sorrow. Boy things help me understand that males  cope with grief differently than females… In Girlandia we talk and cry. In Boylandia they build and play.

Our family has passports to both lands and we sail into each every day. We build and we play. We play a lot. But we also talk and cry. We see the benefits of both as we figure out how to navigate this ship with crushing waves and one less crew member.




2 thoughts on “Boylandia

  1. The Wonder of Boys. It’s a good book. And boys are wonderful. Peace be with you, dear Sandi. I think about you everyday and wonder.


  2. Your description is so apt and makes so much sense. My husband always says “Guys, we’ve got to be DOING something! We can’t just sit around and TALK.” How much more pronounced the male-female differences in grief. I think of you often and pray for you just as much. Sending you love and hugs across the miles.


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