A Poem About Brooke


When Brooke was in third grade, her wonderful teacher made each child “Sailor of the Week”. She asked us to write a letter to read aloud in class that week. I decided to write a poem instead. The overwhelming sadness of losing Brooke is so consuming, but this poem reminds me that she lived. She lived… and continues to live in my heart… and I hope she does in yours, too.

A POEM ABOUT BROOKE  (With Love From Mom and Dad)

On a cold winter’s night when springtime was near

A baby was born with a head full of hair.

She arrived very curious, without even a cry

Just looked at us as if to say  “Oh my!”

Mom and Dad named her Brooke, for a sweet, babbling stream

She lived up to her sweetness, although sometimes she screamed.

From the time she could speak it was perfectly clear

That she loved all things animal, from horses to deer.

Her playroom was filled with stuffed bunnies and bears

Unicorns,  frogs…Little Ponies with hair.

She loved Turtle the most and she carried him ‘round

Turtle often got lost, but he always got found.

Brooke colored and painted,  made treasures of clay

The park and the duck pond were part of her day.

When the Randles moved West, Brooke had just turned three

It was time to start preschool and she did so with glee.

Her talent for art made her teachers so proud

She obeyed all the rules, was never rude or loud.

At Silver Spur School, she made lots of friends

They giggled and played Littlest Pet Shop to no end.

Brooke loves the ocean, and swimming and dance

She is cautious and kind and leaves little to chance.

She’s caring, she’s sweet, she’s a very good friend

She is loyal and fearless and will fight to the end…

For things that are right, and things that are good

Brooke has the inner compass that all of us should.

Her friends call her funny, thoughtful, patient and kind

And while she’ll do it gently, she’ll always speak her mind.

Brooke, we love you so much, we’re so proud of you, too.

Stay curious, stay sweet, stay strong, and stay you.


4 thoughts on “A Poem About Brooke

  1. What a treasure… your description of Brooke reminds me so much of you, Sandi – such radiant beauty… “Brooke has the inner compass that all of us should…” Love you.

    Liked by 1 person

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