It Takes A Village

If it takes a village to raise a child… then it takes a village to lose one, too.

Our village is made up of many little villages near and far – from school, dance, Girl Scouts and church – to grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins – to friends who span miles, continents and years.

Our villagers are confused, hurt, angry, sad and frightened. How can this be? How can someone so young, so vibrant, so healthy be gone without warning? There are no answers, but as we struggle together to understand something we never will, we are beginning to understand that life is unpredictable, life is brief and, most importantly, life is precious.

So while I know I said this is not about you… maybe it is.  Maybe it’s about everyone in our village, from the very young to the very old, shattered by the loss of a child. Our child.

As a village, let’s love one another, appreciate one another, and hold on tight to what matters. People matter. Life matters. Love matters.

And remembering matters. Because Brooke will always be a member of our village. She is part of our lives – forever.



5 thoughts on “It Takes A Village

  1. I am so grateful that you are allowing us into this, letting us share in this grief and grapple with these hard questions, Sandi… Love you.


  2. Each morning when I run or walk, with the girls, or solo,I think of Brooke and you and Brenn and Blake. And then I check your blog. I take something away from each and every one you write and in some big or small way it reminds me of what really matters.


  3. I admire so much, the woman I am learning about in your Blog. In the 11 years of being friends, I’m now seeing a strength and passion in your writing I did not know you had. It reflects the powerful love you have for Brooke, Blake and Brenn. I hope you continue to share your feelings so I be there for you in a way that is helpful. Just like sweet Brooke would want, your words could provide a huge help to someone who might be facing a similar loss. I hope you continue to write and share stories and poems about Brooke. We miss her so very much, all the time. She left us with such fun, giggly, how to be a good friend, memories. In fact, just yesterday, Rosie and Jackie were watching our home movies of rose’s Birthday Party, from a few years ago., and there is your beautiful daughter smiling and dancing at the party. We were sooooo lucky to have been apart of your lives for so many years, Brooke is such a part of Rosies’ Childhood. There are so many wonderful memories with her, she will always and forever remind us of her beautiful character and friendship. I’m putting up purple ribbons this week at my house. I’m so happy you shared how much you enjoy them!!! Please continue too let us know how you all are doing. And always know that Palos Verdes loves your family and if you see that people are acting strangely it’s only because they care, their sad, and their struggling to know how to talk to you, and how to help you. When Chris passed away I was overwhelmed with outpouring of love from neighbors and friends, and even those wonderful people I had never met before. I have never known that kind of love and empathy. It forever has changed how I want to be, now moving forward. I hope you have the same experience. Love you, Sharon


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