Keeping Her Flame

I finally understand the incredible poignancy of Hamilton.  And the most meaningful words to me are these:

But when you’re gone who remembers your name?
Who keeps your flame?
Who lives
Who dies
Who tells your story?

We all have a story. And, while most of us will not be part of history, our story is just as important to our loved ones because it keeps us alive long after we’re gone.

I’m fully aware that it’s my duty to tell Brooke’s story, to keep her flame.

I’m also fully aware that it’s totally backwards. The loss of Brooke remains so devastating that sometimes those who love her the most have the most difficult time talking about her.

To quote another  phrase from Hamilton, It’s Quiet Uptown, “We’re trying to live the unimaginable.” Yet for bereaved parents, it is imaginable. It is real. And the only thing that keeps us going  is remembering that our child existed, our child was real, our child mattered and will always matter.

Every bereaved parent has the same fear… that their child will be forgotten.

So we keep their flames.
We lived
They died
But we tell their story.

So if you know a parent who has lost a child, listen to their stories. Better yet, tell their stories, too.

Because Brooke has a story that inspires us all, let’s continue to tell it. Remember her laugh, her love, her essence, and together we can keep her flame burning bright in our hearts and minds forever.


4 thoughts on “Keeping Her Flame

  1. I first listened to Hamilton last summer when Alice got home from IC — straight through, twice — and thought of Brooke at exactly those lyrics. Telling my mother’s story is hard for me, but that’s the order of things, as you say. I will always be ready to listen to you telling Brooke’s story.


    1. Lindy, you are the keeper of your mom’s flame. For Alice, for all of us. I remember the stories of your mom from over 30 years ago but I’m always ready to listen to you telling your Mom’s story. It’s easier than you think, trust me. xo


  2. The first time I heard “It’s Quiet Uptown”, I thought of you and Brooke. We will continue to tell her story. She is loved and miss by so many…xoxo


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