How Do You Talk To An Angel?

Ask anyone who has lost a loved one and they’ll tell you about signs: butterflies, pennies, feathers, songs on the radio.. the list goes on. I truly believe that love and energy continue and our connection remains forever with those we so dearly  love.

Last week in Tahoe, I quickly snapped this photo from our hotel window with my iPhone. I see an angel kneeling and praying in this wispy cloud – the only one in the sky. But Blake sees ballet shoes. It’s kind of like the cloud game we used to play on long car rides. We all see something different, yet meaningful to us.

Whenever I’m driving and missing Brooke the most, I always see two birds flying overhead. I watch them playfully follow one another and remember how Brooke and I would swing hands as we walked together through a parking lot. I always told her that while I no longer needed to hold her hand… I wanted to.

Signs. They connect us back to the memories, the moments. Are they sent from those we love? I have no idea. All I know is that they open up my heart and keep me connected to my precious Brooke. They bring a smile to my face and comfort my aching soul.

I like to think of them as angel emogies. Which are absolutely perfect coming from my tween whose texts were usually more pictures than words, anyway. On Earth she sent me purple hearts and cookies. From Heaven she sends me clouds and birds. I wonder what’s next from her?

I remain open to signs and feelings along with amazingly vivid dreams. That’s how you talk to an angel. Because Brooke will always talk to me, and I will always be watching, listening, and connected to my amazingly creative girl.



8 thoughts on “How Do You Talk To An Angel?

  1. I love this Sandi. I remember when my dad died, the comforting words the priest offered at his service – if you are wondering where your loved one is, if they know what you are doing, if they see everything that is happening – they are here, they do see their family growing and changing, they do know how we are feeling. I think of that all the time when I wish he could see how his grandchildren are growing up and how they would make him proud. I know your loss is so much deeper, but I hope that brings comfort to you too.

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  2. Yes Sandi I think you are absolutely right. I so glad you are able to see this. I too have experienced these things after a loved one pssed. One day when i was standing in the backyard, out of nowhere there appeared a bubble. It danced around me for several SEVERAL minutes an then dindnt pop just floated away.
    You and Brooke were/are so close. She will be with you eternally. ♡


    1. Dear Sandi: Your words and thoughts are so beautiful. I, too believe in signs and that our loved ones become angels. I send you many hugs! Xoxo Janet Solinsky Owen


  3. So beautiful! These words and thoughts will touch many lives in positive ways to strengthen faith and provide comfort. God bless you!


  4. Sandi, I am sorry to put this here, but I see other users and since I’m new at this (my readers are from fb) and others may be able to help…I think we can follow each other by managing blogs to follow, but it will only give me recommendations, and not let me type your site in. Maybe others reading your blog may know? I did manage to add your blog to my “list”, but it seems as if I should be able to get it on “blogs I follow”. Thanks to anyone who may reply! 🙂


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