Ribbons and Lights

The purple ribbons still adorn nearly every tree, post and sign in our neighborhood. They remind us how much our friends and community care. But they also remind us that we lost Brooke.

“When should they come down?” our friends ask. “Just let us know.” That’s a tricky question and the only answer I can give is this… when our entire family is ready.

Today we decided it was time to start decorating for Christmas. While we’re not quite ready for the tree just yet, we decorated outside. We put up purple lights and planted lavender flowers in the beds in front of our little porch. It seems right to us, to decorate in a way that says we know things are different, yet we still celebrate the Season.

The purple makes quite an impact outside, but even more so inside. As we sat in our living room watching The Minion Movie, we all noticed the same thing at once… Purple was shining in from the glass panes of the front door.  It’s as if Brooke is shining bright into our home. Better than any candle. Because to us purple signifies her whimsy, her youth and her spirit.





3 thoughts on “Ribbons and Lights

  1. What a beautiful and powerful image, Sandi – the purple light shining through the glass panels… Brooke shining into your home… I just want to thank you again for writing through this journey and letting us read your words of grief and hope. You are giving all of us the opportunity to process what happened to Brooke. And you’re helping me to more fully process loss I have experienced in my lifetime… Love you.


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